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Checking Newgrounds Forums 24/7 is kinda neat.

2010-04-19 13:18:12 by elementair

I just joined the forums of Newgrounds. It is kinda neat. But, I'm beginning to be out of place in the forums. Since I don't write stories, make animations, draw, or create tracks. Yeeeeaaahhh...

I don't have the skill to make a Flash animation. I don't have the talent to make my drawing a "masterpiece". But, I still have the "skills" to write a story. But, I suck on making a plot and I'm still having grammar problems.

Actually, I wrote a story long ago. It didn't turn out well for me. Lack of action sequences and the site that I posted the story became boring and idle, so the story didn't have so much anticipation. I decided to quit the story. Just sharing.

And, oh, thanks for the guys that made my reviews "helpful". I really appreciated it.

I accept it. I don't make Flash games/animations. I don't even know how to make them. Actually, our PC has viruses, because of myself downloading random stuff on the internet. I can share my drawings, but they really suck, seriously... So, I decided to just review games, animation, or even drawings. But, don't get me wrong. Maybe some will say: "Hey, you're just new on this site and you keep on criticizing them? You can't even make those things. Make an animated keyboard cat... I dare you." So, yeah, I'm just criticizing them, no hard feelings.

Moving on. This is my first "news post". Wow. Let me introduce myself. I'm elementair. I'm... young. I'm uncomfortable sharing my personal info. So, bear with me.

This is the first time I became active again. After a year or so... And looking back at the past months (or year), it was clear to me how suckish I was then.

And again. I may not be an animator or an artist, I'm a critic.