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Entry #2

Checking Newgrounds Forums 24/7 is kinda neat.

2010-04-19 13:18:12 by elementair

I just joined the forums of Newgrounds. It is kinda neat. But, I'm beginning to be out of place in the forums. Since I don't write stories, make animations, draw, or create tracks. Yeeeeaaahhh...

I don't have the skill to make a Flash animation. I don't have the talent to make my drawing a "masterpiece". But, I still have the "skills" to write a story. But, I suck on making a plot and I'm still having grammar problems.

Actually, I wrote a story long ago. It didn't turn out well for me. Lack of action sequences and the site that I posted the story became boring and idle, so the story didn't have so much anticipation. I decided to quit the story. Just sharing.

And, oh, thanks for the guys that made my reviews "helpful". I really appreciated it.


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2010-04-19 13:44:18

Your welcome, keep up the good work.